In case of Emergency


Life threatening emergency
:   please call  112.


Emergency during opening hours (weekdays 8-17h):

   Please call  075-6702824, press 1.


Out of Hours Emergency:

   Evenings+nights+weekends+Public Holidays:
     Please call the ‘Huisartsenpost’:    075-6533000
     For more info:  (in Dutch).

   Practice closed due to holiday or training:
     During weekdays  8-17 uur.
     You can find the GP on call by checking the website:
     -  (in Dutch); by entering
         your streetname (the first 3 letters or more),
         the name of the GP on call will appear.
     -   the message on our answering machine (in Dutch).



Practice opening hours:
Monday till Friday from 08.00 till 17.00h.
Lunchtime: 12.30-14.00h.
During lunchtime you can reach the practice in case of an emergency by phoning the practice telephone, then press 1.



  spoed: toets 1
  herhaalrecepten:   toets 2
  vragen & info: toets 3

Buiten openingstijden

In case of Emergency

de Roos

Irene Vorrinkplein 40H
1506 WR  Zaandam

maandag tot en met vrijdag
08.00 tot 17.00 uur
(middagpauze: 12.30 - 14.00)

Locatie praktijk

Telefonisch contact

08.00-10.00:  afspraak maken
08.00-10.00:  visite aanvragen
08.00-12.00:  herhaalrecepten
08.00-12.00:  info bij assistente
 13.30-14.00:  telefonisch spreekuur